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Sid Bell:Life & Work of the Alaskan Silversmith

Nestled amidst the untamed landscapes of Alaska, Sid Bell, affectionately known as the Alaskan Silversmith, honed a craft that would capture the essence of wildlife in exquisite sterling silver creations. From his modest origins as a WWII veteran to his journey as a pioneering artist, Bell's legacy is a testament to his deep-rooted connection with nature and his innovative approach to silversmithing.

who is sid bell alaskan silversmith?

From WWII Veteran to Geologist: Forging a Unique Path

Sid Bell's life was one of remarkable twists and turns. Before delving into the world of art, he served his country as a World War II veteran of the United States Marine Corps. Post-war, he embarked on a career as a geologist working for the federal government in Alaska, where he learned basic cartography and topographical mapping—an endeavor that would later influence his artistic style.

Sid was a self taught silversmith who developed his own unique method of jewelry making.

Instead of traditional carving methods, Sid employed a distinctive technique that involved using sheets of silver instead of carving a mold from wax. The method involved conceptualizing each sculpture as a series of layers. He traced these layers onto silver sheets and meticulously cut them out. These layers were then skillfully soldered together, resulting in a three-dimensional piece of art that captured the depth and texture of each sculpture.

This innovative approach allowed him to build up the intricate details of his designs in a way that resembled contour lines on a topographical map. Sid could then shape and form the layers so they blended together, and add surface details like feathers or fur in later steps of the process.

Some examples of Sid's pendants and brooches:

Perfecting His Craft: From Alaska to New York

It wasn't until the 1980s that Sid Bell learned traditional carving methods after taking formal art classes. His passion for silversmithing grew, and so did his mastery of the craft. Leaving behind the Alaskan wilderness, he settled in upstate New York, where he continued to refine his techniques and artistic vision. He manufactured jewelry under several different businesses.

Sid Bell jewelry for sale
Sid Bell product cards and advertising material

His works evolved, reflecting the intersection of his deep interest in the beauty of wildlife, and the intricacies of metalwork. As his reputation grew, Bell began sharing his knowledge and skills as a teacher at the university level, passing on his legacy to aspiring artists. His former students admired the care and meticulous nature that Sid brought to the classroom, where he handed out dozens of pages of notes on his crafting methods.

A Connection to Nature: The Outdoorsman's Legacy

Sid Bell's love for the great outdoors was not just a passion—it was a way of life. His deep appreciation for wildlife and nature's intricacies formed the foundation of his artistry. This bond with the natural world became evident in his creations, which often featured hunting and fishing scenes, celebrating the vitality and spirit of the wild. His pieces resonated with fellow outdoorsmen, encapsulating the essence of their shared experiences.

sid bell originals Tully, New York

Sid Bell's artistic repertoire was as diverse as the wildlife he celebrated. He made

brooches, bolo ties, pendant necklaces, earrings, knife handles, gun grips, finials, and coat hooks... his creations spanned a wide spectrum. Notably, Bell's partnership with artist Lou DePaolis led to the formation of Pilgrim Pewter—a venture that produced pewter belt buckles featuring big game animals, hunting dogs, and sport fish.

Pilgrim Pewter belt buckles

Pilgrim Pewter advertising pamphlet sid bell and Lou Depaolis
Pilgrim Pewter advertising pamphlet

His gun grips, made in limited quantities, have evolved into coveted collector's items, a

testament to his enduring influence.

rampant colt gun grips

In addition to being a prolific artist, Sid Bell also had a strong connection to the world of

Small lapel pin of a black powder rifle action

black powder shooting and outdoor pursuits. He was an ardent fan of black powder (BP) firearms and was known to craft, own, and shoot some exquisite rifles. This passion for black powder extended to his love for hunting in the woods of New York. In his later years, Sid annually embarked on hunting trips in pursuit of whitetails and turkeys. But Sid Bell was more than just an artist and outdoorsman; he was also a gifted storyteller and a skilled letter writer. His hunting forays each season were chronicled in blow-by-blow accounts that he shared with friends and fellow enthusiasts, offering a window into his adventures and his deep connection to the natural world.

Sid bell alaska silvermith gravestone

Sid's death was a great loss to the both art community and the men he hunted with in upstate New York. His passing in 2002 marked the conclusion of a chapter in art history that had profoundly impacted the world of metalwork and sculpture. Yet, his legacy endured, when longtime friend Jeff Karner acquired the molds and rights to continue producing many of Sid's original designs.

A Legacy Carved in Silver and Gold

Sid Bell, the Alaskan Silversmith, left behind a legacy that transcends time, bridging the worlds of art, nature, and craftsmanship. Through innovative techniques, a deep connection to the wilderness, and a lifetime of perfecting his craft, he crafted pieces that continue to inspire and captivate. As we admire his wildlife sculptures and intricate jewelry designs, we pay homage to an artist whose work is a testament to the boundless creativity of the human spirit.

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