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Here are some photos and notes on buckles from my personal collection. I'll be adding more as I have time available.

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These pewter buckles were cast by Indiana Metal Craft and the turquoise and red coral inlay were added by a company called Rainbow Jewelry. Most of the buckles are stamped "RJ" and a few also have "IMC". I'm not sure how many different designs were produced in total, but I'm aware that I'm missing at least two. If you have any information about Rainbow Jewelry or the series send me an email! Thanks!

Rainbow Jewelry Series


This series of buckles is hallmarked with an Omega symbol and some were also signed by artist Leoma Lovegrove. The sabertooth cat design is the only buckle with both the Omega and Lovegrove signature. There is some evidence that another artist is associated with the Omega hallmark. There are two versions of the buffalo design shown below: one has the Omega hallmark and one is artist signed by "Gross". The 1975 copyright date predates both of the dated Leoma Lovegrove designs (sabertooth cat and moose). I'm also aware that Leoma Lovegrove worked for Indiana Metal Craft at one point and did the artwork for many of their wildlife designs.

Omega Series


Here are a few of the rarer Star Trek Enterprise belt buckle designs. There are several others that feature Kirk and Spock which are not pictured here.

Star Trek