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Indiana Metal Craft

Status: Active

Location: Indiana


Indiana Metal Craft began producing belt buckles in 1975 and is still active today.

Many artists worked or produced buckles with IMC. Artist Leoma Lovegrove created some of the wildlife themed designs which are still in production today. The Omega series is also still in production in solid bronze and it can be difficult to distinguish original castings from new products. Other IMC-artist collaborations include Jesse Mcleod, Rainbow Jewelry, Dege Designs, and Wm Taylor.

IMC has manufactured a variety of retail and corporate designs in solid pewter, solid bronze, pewter plating, and brass plating. The solid bronze versions are always marked (example hallmarks shown in photographs on the left side). Plated buckles are by far the most common, but the newly manufactured buckles are all solid pewter and solid bronze.

To my knowledge, the oldest buckles feature a hallmark with a woman's face making a hand gesture. Over the years a huge variety of different markings were used.

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